2010 Kar Kaddy SS for Sale
Wheel Ramp Lowered, Front Left1

A 2010 Demco Kar-Kaddy SS

   Features :
       Hydraulic surge brakes ( self contained braking )
       Wheels turn to follow the tow vehicle
       Wheel Ramps and Hitch fold to minimize storage

   Complete with :
       Safety Cables,  including fail safe brake cable
       Tire straps and Car frame safety chains
       Steering wheel locking pin ( towing without vehicle )


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Kar Kaddy SS Manual 2

KK460SS Manual Pdf

Demco Kar-Kaddy SS

    Model                        KK4600SS
    Hyd. Brake Limit        8,000 lbs
    Front Wheel Load      2,885 lbs
    Max Towing Cap.       6,000 lbs